Local Police Watchdog’s Ploy Results in His Own Pummeling

By Pug Ransom

Published August 23rd, 2015

SARATOGA — A Capital Region man — who earlier this summer made headlines after flipping off a police officer and then videotaping his belligerent interaction with the cop — was at it again Sunday, but this time, things didn’t necessarily go according to plan.

Dick Little, a self-described police watchdog, was standing at the corner of Caroline Street when he spotted two officers on the sidewalk nearby. After calling to the cops, Little gave them both the finger and told them to “suck it!” Ninety seconds later, Little lay on the pavement, crumpled like an accordion and bleeding profusely from his nose, mouth and head.

“Apparently, the guys he mouthed off to weren’t police officers, after all. Instead, it turns out they’re actually amateur UFC fighters who had attended a costume party dressed as cops,” said a chuckling Spa City Police Chief Eddie Money. “At the moment, it’s their word against his, so we don’t anticipate any charges. I mean, unfortunately, there’s no law against being a jackass.”

Little, a member of the Troy-based activist group ‘Taking Things to Far to Prove a Point,’ spent the night in Saratoga Hospital. When contacted by the Smudge, he denied he “deserved” the beating he received.

“No, I didn’t ‘ask’ for the beating,” Little said angrily. “Just because I go out looking for trouble and doing everything in my power to provoke people does not mean I am ‘just asking’ for a beating.”

Meanwhile, as for the initial case Little was involved in earlier this summer which led to the real cop being placed on paid administrative leave, a recent settlement was reached under which Little received a McGruff the Crime Dog Coloring Book and toy badge declaring him an “honorary officer.”

“Watch out, bitches,” Little said. “There’s a new sheriff in town.”


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