'Master Troll' Behind Every Online Comment in Capital Region

By Quack Davis

Published August 30th, 2015

TROY — The hundreds of thousands of comments from readers that have been appearing day-in and day-out at the bottom of online newspaper stories and blogs throughout the Capital Region have apparently been the work of one person suffering from multiple personality disorder, the Albany Smudge has learned.

Pierre Corgi, 30, a basement dweller in Lansingburgh, is the master troll behind the supposed comments of readers who post racist and inflammatory statements, compliments, insults and gibberish in the comments sections of area online publications and on websites such as Craigslist.

Police and the FBI say Corgi, who sports an IQ of 207, is a master manipulator on the scale of a James Bond villain. Psychiatrists, however, believe Corgi is a clinically a “loser” in desperate need of a life.

“Corgi’s a dick,” said Hans Cuberific, a Schenectady-based psychologist with 27 years of experience examining psychopathic behavior and multiple personalities.

Clinical psychologist Anna Kendrick agreed. “His behavior can be partly explained by his many personalities. I counted 4,091. But he is also, to be very frank, what we in the mental health profession would classify as a walking, talking rectum. ”

Santo Gravity, an expert on computer trolling who lives in Schenectady, said Corgi is both mentally ill and technologically gifted.

“Pierre argues with himself. Pierre agrees with himself. He rankles writers. He rankles celebrities. He rankles world leaders. Pierre is running the most sophisticated trolling scam the Capital Region has ever seen.”

Corgi, a bespectacled man who is 5-2 and weighs 271 pounds, told the Smudge in an email that he goes online occasionally but is not a troll.

“I am not that man,” Corgi stated emphatically in an email to the Smudge. But then, moments later, Corgi emailed the Smudge back, saying: “OK. Yeah. I’m totally that guy.”

A minute later, Corgi wrote back again, saying: “Am not. Why you wanna pick on me?”


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