DMV Workers Fed Up With Snotty, Stuck-Up Supervisor

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published September 6th, 2015

ALBANY – A sexy supervisor in the state Department of Motor Vehicles believes she is better than everybody else, frustrated co-workers claim.

Mary Jane Ostrichhead, 33, of Clifton Park, a blonde bombshell promoted to DMV supervisor in October, struts around the office “like she owns the place,” perturbed secretary Jayne Freeborg told the Albany Smudge.

“She really thinks she’s the shit,” added Ronnie McDuck of Watervliet, a 20-year department employee. “It’s like, she really thinks she’s all that or something.”

“It’s just, like, ya know, like the way she walks around, like she thinks she is better than everybody else,” said Lynette Bombers, a secretary who looks sort of like Ostrichhead only fatter. “She, like, thinks she’s like a queen or something.”

“Oh my God, I cannot stand that woman!” said Gorman Thomas, who retired from the DMV three weeks ago.  “Who the hell does that dame think she is, anyway?”

Ostrichhead, a Ballston Spa native, dons pricy outfits that showcase her supple bosom, hourglass figure and mouth-watering shoe collection. Meanwhile, her Facebook page shows her with her beefy boyfriend of nine years, financial broker Duke Spaniard, a hotshot ex-lacrosse player with a killer tan and terrific six-pack abs.

“Oh, he’s awfully hot,” said Nancy Noodles, a DMV supervisor. “I don’t know what he sees in Mary.”

When approached for an interview, Ostrichhead faked a smiled and said she was too busy to talk. Seconds later, she turned around, rolled her eyes and looked at Bombers, and mouthed the words:  “As if!”

“There you go!” said McDuck. “See what we mean? What a bitch!”


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