Capital Region Beer Lovers Celebrate 100th Cleverly Named Micro Brew

By Fred Furnace

Published September 13th, 2015

ALBANY — A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Lark Street Saturday as yet another micro-brew opened its doors to a waiting gaggle of area beer snobs.

The new micro-brew — named Demonic Nun Brew Company — is the 100th “cleverly named” brewery to open in the Capital Region in just the past few years, according to the Bureau for Government Beer Statistics.

 Co-owner Michael Clump explained the thinking behind the micro-brew’s moniker: “We thought it would be really original to take two words that shouldn’t go together and put them together so that our beer would have a really cool name.”

Clump also explained he thought it would be “really original” to quit his ho-hum office job to open a micro-brew with his buddy, Tom, even though the pair had no prior brewing experience.

But Fargo Richards, a Capital Region economic development consultant, said the idea is not “really original” at all, as Clump and his buddy are but one example of the hundreds of bored office workers to quit their jobs to open micro-brews in the past few months.

Nonetheless, Richards said the brewery has a chance to succeed because it follows “the formula for success” of tapping into the area's booming market of beer hipsters.

“The forced irony of the name will really appeal to their target audience, which consists of arrogant beer dorks with too much disposable income,” Richards said. “There are certain qualities these people demand in their craft beers: that only a few people have heard of it, that it is impossible to find at most stores or restaurants, that it be expensive, and that it have some kind of an ironic name suggesting how cool the beer maker must be and, by extension, the beer hipster for drinking it.”

Demonic Nun is currently serving four brews at its Lark Street location: Killer Woodchuck Orange Lambic, Chainsaw Bunny Belgian-style Seison, Insane Playmate Hefeweizen, and the flagship Demonic Nun IPA.

In related news, the area also celebrated its 350th food truck on Saturday. Richards assumes the food truck is also likely owned by a former bored office worker with no prior experience and probably serves “some take on gourmet waffles, ‘extreme’ macaroni and cheese, or some other such crap.”


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