Feds probing ‘corrupt’ Fantasy Football commish

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published September 20th, 2015

Roger Baddell sitting in front of DOS 2.0 IBM XT Z (6MHz 286 Processor
with 1.2 MB High density diskette drive and 20 MB hard disk),
pondering a Larry Fitzfgerald/Dez Bryant trade.

ALBANY – The commissioner of one of the Capital Region’s most respected and exclusive Fantasy Football leagues destroyed evidence showing his good pal cheated on four championship teams over the past decade, according to  documents obtained by the Smudge.

Rodger Baddell, 45, of Troy — commissioner of the National Fantasy Football League of Menands and Watervliet — engaged in collusion and a cover-up to help his best friend, Will Bellycheck, 58, of Cohoes, the explosive documents said.

Files shared with the Smudge showed Bellycheck used his computer savvy to inflate the performances of his players with tacit support from his commissioner who, like Bellycheck, works as a technical support worker for a local mental institution.

“Yo Rodger, check it out. My quarterback is Eli Manning. I am going to insert Peyton Manning’s fantasy points for Eli’s points and no one will be any the wiser. We’ll just say ‘Manning.’ Sound like a plan, right bro?” Bellycheck asked Baddell in one exchange in 2014.

“We never had this conversation. Wink, Wink!” Baddell wrote back. “I got your back, ole pal. They’ll never know!”

Bellycheck’s team, nicknamed The Brady Bunch, cruised to Fantasy Football championships in 2006, 2007 and 2014. The team he beat, the Big Blue Wrecking Crue, owned by Harvey Meeples of Watervliet, suspected wrongdoing after Bellycheck kept winning Fantasy titles with teams loaded with New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. Meeples sent a letter to the Albany branch of the FBI’s Fantasy Football Integrity Unit, demanding a federal investigation.

“Please do something!” Meeples begged. “This is an issue of utmost importance. ”The integrity of our league is at stake.”

“This sounds corrupt. We’ll be on this right away,” wrote back FBI Special Agent Dudley Duder.

Sources said Baddell was filmed driving to Bellycheck’s parents’ house, where he was ripping up the notes Bellycheck kept on his alleged cheating. Bellycheck’s mom, Sandra, saw the destruction of the evidence, was appalled and called Baddell's parents to tell them Baddell was misbehaving.

In a statement, Baddell said: “The integrity of our league is not at stake. As the commissioner of this 12-team organization run from my parents’ in-law apartment, it is my privilege and honor to be your leader. Now, onto next week’s game versus Carl from Cohoes.” 


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