Capital Region to Establish Local Commodities Exchange

By Fred Furnace

Published September 27th, 2015

A CRAP Exchange stockbroker trading Freihofer chocolate chip cookies.

ALBANY – Move over Chicago and New York, a new commodities exchange is on its way and this one will be based right here in the Capital Region.

The Capital Region Area Products Exchange — or “the CRAP Exchange” as it will be known to investors — will begin operating later this year.

But unlike the NYMEX or Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the CRAP Exchange will focus exclusively on commodities unique to the Capital Region, including: Stewart’s soda and ice cream, Ted’s onion rings, Freihofer chocolate chip cookies, Tobin’s First Prize sausage, Hot Dog Charlie’s “world famous” meat sauce, Vanilla Bean Fudge Fancy cookies, Saratoga Raceway “kids’ picks,” Hoffman’s Car Wash ticket books, Price Chopper AdvantEdge card fuel reward points and those little pink peppermint pigs that you break with a hammer.

“It will be a celebration of the Capital Region,” explained Albany Chamber of Commerce spokesman Gaylord Folk. “These items are uniquely ours. Before now, you had to live in the area to enjoy them. But now, thanks to the CRAP Exchange, people can buy and sell our CRAP no matter where they live.”

There’s no word yet as to whether additional local mainstays will also be added to the CRAP Exchange, such as Coke cans offering $7 off a Great Escape ticket, low-quality Lake George souvenirs, or adult-sized Giants, Jets, Bills and Cowboys jerseys.

The CRAP Exchange will begin trading November 14.


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