Hairdresser to Dannemora Seamstress: “Try volumizing.”

By Dodie Fingerton

Published September 27th, 2015

SARATOGA SPRINGS — If a Spa City hairstylist had her way, the female prison worker who helped two Clinton County Correctional Facility inmates escape in June would also be charged with having flat, lifeless hair.

Denise Rinsely, a hairdresser with Common Sensual Salon on Lake Avenue, called the 48 Hours interview with Dannemora prison seamstress Joyce Mitchell, "a gripping hour of television."

“I was mesmerized,” said Rinsely. “I kept wondering what would compel a person to make so many bad decisions. Was it fear? Desperation? Or is she just really stupid?”

Rinsely was referring not to the woman's involvement in the daring escape of Richard Matt and David Sweat, but to the thinning mane of wispy hair she chose to don for her primetime television interview with Matt Lauer.

“I couldn't take my eyes off that hair,” admitted the 28-year-old shampoo and extension technician. “It looked like she went to sleep with a winter hat on.”

The graduate of Guy Pleuter's School of Hair Design and Cosmetology in Troy said if she were Mitchell's stylist she'd recommend a good volumizer — one that moisturizes and protects hair, without weighing it down.

“She needs lift and body. And if her scalp still peeks through, I'd try camouflaging it with a bonding agent that matches her hair color.”

But what about those bangs?

Rinsely applauded the idea, but said the execution was all wrong.

“Bangs can definitely add flare and take attention away from trouble areas. But if this interview proved anything, it's that they're clearly not for everyone.”

In light of a recent University of Albany poll that found 38-percent of area men would still “do” the seamstress despite her crimes, it seems that not everyone agrees with the stylist. But when asked to comment on those findings, Rinsely just shook her head and laughed.

“If she cleaned up and did something with that hair, then sure, I guess she'd be somewhat attractive. But, you know, in a Plattsburghey-kind-of-way.”

On a related note: Though area oral surgeon, Dr. Peter Kankerri, noticed Mitchell's bad hair, he said it was nothing compared to her husband Lyle's bad teeth —a condition he believes is due to simple overcrowding.

“Man, I'd love to get a peek inside that cuckold's mouth,” he told The Smudge.


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