Lake George Wins “Yamaka-Ma-Con 2016” Bid

By Dodie Fingerton

Published September 27th, 2015

LAKE GEORGE — Its official: Lake George has been picked to host Yamaka-Ma-Con 2016, the International Kippa Committee announced on Friday.

The Warren County town beat out Sarasota, Fla. to become the fifth city to host the event since its inception in 2012.

“Jewish people love their Yamakas as much as they love summer pilgrimages to Lake George,” said I.K.C. President Glen Terlet. “It's a perfect marriage.”

Lake George Mayor Ernie Puddle openly wept when the decision was handed down.

“Our time has finally come,” he told supporters in front of the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum.

Yamaka-Ma-Con — a nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, Yamakas and Yamaka-related art forms — will begin its 14-day celebration on August 12, with an opening ceremony at the Minne-Ha-Ha Convention Center near Fort William Henry.

“Lake George makes a lot of sense,” said head organizer Hershel Shrub. “Half of the venues have already been built, including several state-of-the-art facilities constructed for last year's Lumbersexual-centric Winter Carnival.

Though most consider it a win for businesses along Canada Street, a small contingent of storekeepers say they aren't getting their hopes up just yet.

“It's pretty much Yamaka-Ma-Con in Lake George every summer,” said Dusty Blano, owner of the Same Old Same Old's Inscribed Lacquered Driftwood Gift Emporium. “And I ain't exactly a millionaire yet, am I?”

“I expect business to be so-so,” echoed Marjorie Clomper, proprietor of Rooty Canally's Candy and Ice Cream Shoppe and Mini-Golf Course. “But we'll see.”

But for Latham-native, Terlet, it wasn't about economics.

“This is where I first conceived of the idea,” the confirmed agnostic told The Smudge. “I was walking down the main drag with my family a few years back, when my 9-year-old daughter Jeanie asked me why we were the only ones who weren't wearing funny little hats. I had no answer.”

That one question, says Terlet, led him on a decade-long fact-finding mission, where he'd learn what the traditional Jewish head-covering means and why it continues to inform present-day fashion and cultural attitudes.

“It's more than just a cool little beanie,” Terlet said, choking back emotion. “It's a statement.”

Though the long list of guest speakers is far from finalized, popular Yamaka manufacturers Yarmulke Madness and Chutzpah Hatzpuh have already reserved space on the convention floor.

Tickets are expected to go on sale in the early spring.


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