Pizza Rat Moving To Watervliet

By Scott Salad

Published October 18th, 2015

WATERVLIET — The resolute rodent, who became an Internet sensation overnight when he was caught on video towing a huge slab of pizza down the stairs of a New York City subway station, has purchased a home in Watervliet.

Tobias Mueller, a spokesperson for Pizza Rat — #pizzarat — said the real-life Ratatouille is extremely excited about the move upstate, and, in particular, his newly renovated 2,500 square foot-bungalow on Second Avenue.

“Watervliet makes a lot of sense for Pizza Rat,” said Mueller. “The house is less than a 100 yards from the Hudson River. So it's a quick swim east to Troy or south to Albany. And lets not forget that Cohoes and Menands are a hop, skip and a jump away too. But the real reason he settled on Watervliet, is, of course, the pizza.”

With a population of approximately 10,000, the Arsenal City boasts the most pizza restaurants per capita. As of Friday, there were 67 pizzerias operating within city limits, including Giuseppe's, Rusty's, Gianna's, DeFazio's, Bambina's, Papa's, Valente's, The Purple Pub, Spiak's and Brooklyn Pizza.

“Actors with dreams of stardom go to Hollywood. Rats who really like pizza go to Watervliet,” said Mueller.

Still, some believe the little guy's decision to leave the Big Apple for a small upstate town could backfire, given his reliance on a modern rapid transit system.

“What's he going to start luggin' his pizza onto city buses?” asked Tony Hooliglio of Brooklyn. “Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Plus, it's not like pizza is just sitting on every street corner upstate. He's gonna find out pretty quickly that in terms of finding a slice or two in a heap of debris, there ain't nothin' like the New York City subway— particularly the Jay Street, MetroTech and Chambers Street stations.”

Neighbor Barbara Hersheys — who says she's looking forward to having a real-life celebrity living right next store — strongly disagrees.

“There's tons of pizza lying around in gutters and alleyways in Watervliet,” said the mother of seven. “I saw a whole pie sitting unattended in a city park just yesterday. And CDTA buses run around the clock. If he gets himself a weekday rolling swiper pass, he won't miss a beat.”

As for when Pizza Rat is expected to make the move north, Mueller said we'll just have to wait and see.

“I expect a viral video of Pizza Rat pushing luggage onto a Metro-North-bound Amtrak train within the month.”

Mueller's words seem to confirm reports that Pizza Rat wants to be settled in Watervliet by the time All Over Albany hosts its next Tournament of Pizza.


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