Albany Diocese Celebrates Poll’s ‘Sexiest Priests’ Ranking

By Fred Furnace

Published November 1st, 2015

A poll has determined Albany's priests are the nation's sexiest (Photo by Matthias Ulrich.)

ALBANY – Albany’s Catholics are among the best-looking in the nation – especially its priests, according to the results of a surprising survey obtained by The Albany Smudge.

Administered privately by Catholic seminary students nationwide, the survey ranks priests and other church officials. Albany was tops in overall sexiness, just edging out Santa Clara, Calif. and last year’s winner, Flint, Mich.

Albany’s priests, according to the survey, received top scores for being “hot,” “hunky,” and “super sexy.”

“It’s about bragging rights,” said one high-ranking diocese official. “And it plays a big role in recruiting — especially at a time when the numbers of people choosing a life in the clergy are so dramatically down.  I mean, what seminarian wouldn’t want to do a tour of duty in Albany after seeing these results? We’ve got it going on! Am I right?”

News of the survey comes on the heels of Pope Francis’ historic visit to the United States, which many believe was also the kind of positive public-relations shot-in-the-arm the Catholic Church has needed for a long, long time.

“Since his visit, attendance at Mass has been up and everyone seems to have forgotten about all the skeletons in our closet,” said the Diocese official. “There’s no question about it: this Pope is cool and he’s made it cool to be Catholic again. And these survey results are just icing on the cake!”

Calls to the Vatican were not immediately returned, but a source close to the Pontiff confirmed the Holy Father is “super impressed” by the “looks, style and rugged confidence” displayed by Capital Region clergy.

“He wants to visit Albany very soon,” said the source. “Francis believes the city has a certain je ne sais quoi. It’s Christian-chic, but not too in-your-face, know what I’m saying? Very hot.”


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