Cuomo, Fuscillo Top List of Area Halloween Costumes

By Fred Furnace

Published October 25th, 2015

Walt Jonesbury, owner and proprietor of
The Dirty Mule Bistro in Saratoga, dressed
as Andrew Cuomo at a recent Halloween party.

ALBANY – For a third consecutive year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was the region’s most popular Halloween costume, according to data released by the Bureau of Halloween Statistics.

BHS analysts say Cuomo has become such a popular choice at Halloween because of his horrifying look and reputation for evil.

“When it comes to Halloween, the Governor has a lot to offer,” said BHS Analyst Woodmore Glue. “He’s basically a real-life, modern-day vampire. He even lives in a scary-looking mansion— the guy has it all.”

The second-most popular costume was car salesman extraordinaire Billy Fuscillo. Glue believes the Fuscillo costume has become popular because it requires so little planning, explaining and can be assembled on such short notice.

“You just need to dress like a slob, act loud and obnoxious and carry around a sign that says, ‘Huge!’” Glue stated. “Not much work is required, and everyone immediately recognizes who you dressed as. It is the perfect last-minute costume.”

Rounding out the top picks this year was Queen Elsa, Optimus Prime, Bills head coach Rex Ryan, reality television superstar and wig inspiration Sawyer Fredericks, Channel 6 meteorologist Steve LaPointe, mustard-ketchup bottle, priest/nun, and Megyn Kelly.

Elsa and Megyn Kelly were especially popular among adult women attending Halloween parties, per the BHS numbers.

“Our research shows that most adult women attending Halloween parties are looking to get drunk and have sloppy sex with a stranger,” Glue explained. “Any woman dressed like Elsa or Megyn Kelly is guaranteed to get laid, if she wants to. So those costume choices make a lot of sense.”


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