Clifton Park to Unveil Plan for Unaffordable Housing

By Quack Davis

Published November 1st, 2015

CLIFTON PARK – In an effort to buttress its status as home to some of the Capital Region’s most smug suburbanites, the town Planning Board is developing a proposal for new housing that only the most affluent families could afford.

The Unaffordable Housing Act would mandate that one-bedroom apartments be set at a minimum rent of $3,750 per month, and that two-bedroom apartments be no cheaper than $6,700-a-month, town officials said.

One-bedroom homes in the town, meanwhile, would be priced at an entry level $656,000.  Multiple-room homes would start at $790,000.

“Think Brooklyn. Think San Francisco. Think big,”  said Chet Gaxtlie, executive director of Clifton Park Smart People for Smart Growth.  “The people of this town have established a certain standard that, I think, sets us apart. You want to be part of the best? Well, come aboard but you’re not going to ride for free.”

The plan’s motto is: "Pay up. It's Clifton Park."

Darwin Wattburg, a member of the Planning Board, said town officials are hoping to lure 20-something tech-savvy millionaires to Clifton Park from other yuppie hotbeds around the nation.

“We are technically an Albany suburb per se, but more and more we find ourselves being associated with Saratoga and really, New York City,” said Miranda Zitt, a realtor based in Clifton Park.  “It’s the price you pay for being such a great place. We really have it all.”

Catbird Jefferson, a longtime town resident who lives near the border with Halfmoon, said he believes the Unaffordable Housing Act would be a bad idea because many natives, such as himself, who moved to the area to work at GlobalFoundries, would not be able to stay.

“No one is saying people such as this Catbird guy will have to move,” said town board member Hipster Van Brocklin.  “They just have to pony up. Hey, its' Clifton Park.”


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