Poll: Region Clueless About Benghazi, But Glad Hillary is ‘Getting Some’

By Fred Furnace

Published November 8th, 2015

ALBANY – A Gallup poll designed to gauge the impact of the Benghazi controversy on the electability of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has revealed some interesting truths about the Capital Region —namely, that residents here have no clue what the Benghazi controversy is about.

“Most people in the Capital Region have either never heard of the controversy, or thought it related to some guy named ‘Ben Gazi,’” said chief pollster Chester Thump. 

The Gallup poll found only four percent of Capital Region residents know that Benghazi is a city in Libya, or that the controversy relates to then-Secretary of State Clinton's handling of the terror attack on the U.S. embassy in 2012, which killed the U.S. ambassador among several other Americans.

“It is really quite shocking how uninformed these people are,” said Thump. “And the margin of error on this poll is plus-or-minus five percent; so the actual number of those who understand this topic could be as high as nine percent, or could actually be as low as negative one percent.”

Seventy-eight percent of area residents did acknowledge to “hearing a lot about it on television” and could generally associate the topic with “some scandal involving Hilary Clinton.”

When pressed for more details, however, Capitaland folks were clueless. Sixty-three percent guessed the scandal involved “an affair between Ms. Clinton and some guy name Ben Gazi,” with 59 percent also guessing that he was “probably a smelly foreigner or something, maybe from Italy.”

Despite the numbers, 94 percent of the local population reports it will not hold the scandal against Ms. Clinton in the upcoming presidential race.

“If she wants to cheat on Bill by sleeping around with this greasy Ben guy, that's her business,” said one respondent from Menands. “Bill has cheated on her like a bunch, so I guess it’s only fair. I plan to vote for her no matter what.”

“It's none of the media's business who she sleeps with,” said another respondent from Latham. "At least she's getting some. And at her age, that’s impressive. You go Hillary! I love you!”


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