Sign a ‘Flashback’ to Sick Times in South Colonie

By Pug Ransom

Published November 8th, 2015

COLONIE — A large, flashing sign urging motorists to be on the look out for “peds” has been stationed here along a stretch of Central Avenue widely known for its former down-trodden motels that once housed scores of dangerous pedophiles.

“You really can’t make this shit up,” said longtime Colonie resident Krupka Jenkins, shaking her head. “There’s just no sense of self awareness.”

The sign, near the Midway Fire Department, is positioned just down the street from the infamous Skylane Motel, known widely throughout the Capital Region for once being a state dumping ground for convicted sex offenders upon their release from prison.

The town shuttered the Skylane in January of last year after more than 250 code violations were discovered at the motel during the execution of a search warrant. Since then, Supervisor Cricket Johnson has announced plans to redevelop the building while maintaining its “history and charm.” 

Johnson on Saturday said while some find the sign’s message “amusing,” the intent is to warn motorists of pedestrians who may be walking along, or crossing, the busy thoroughfare.

“Peds, yes, very funny. I get it. We’re all laughing. Ha, ha, ha,” said a clearly irritated Johnson. “In this case, however, ‘peds’ is short for ‘pedestrians.’ Walkers, not wankers.”

But Milo Farnsworth isn’t so sure.

“When they closed the Skylane, where’d all them sickos go?” Farnsworth asked. “Fact is, no one knows. They could be living in the woods around here for all we know. That sign there is telling everyone to watch for pedophiles. And you know what? Maybe that’s a good thing.”

Either way, said Jenkins, this sort of “hilarious irony underscores the daily bizarreness of life in South Colonie.”

“What next: A billboard telling us to beware of prostitutes?”