Developer Calls on Colonie to Make Prostitution Legal

By Pug Ransom

Published November 15th, 2015

The site of a proposed brothel on Central Avenue in Colonie

COLONIE — The developer of a proposed Central Avenue hotel has submitted a permit application to become the area’s first brothel, saying prostitution at existing hotels in the town runs so rampant that it’s time officials make it legal.

“There’s hookers and johns crawling all over those hotels on Central Avenue between Wolf and New Karner roads,” said Diamond Jim Testikov, developer of the proposed Super SkyLane Econo Inn & Ranch. “The cops know it, the politicians know it and everyone on Craigslist knows it. So, what I’m saying is: Acknowledge it, allow it and share in the revenues, baby.”

Indeed, hotels throughout the sprawling town have increasingly been the scene of police activity. In September, a man was arrested at one of Central Avenue hotel for using a Taser on a woman he was attempting to force into prostitution. A Northern New York assemblyman, meanwhile, was arrested at another Colonie hotel as part of a police probe into that politician’s pedophilic behavior. And authorities arrested two men from Utica in the parking lot of another Central Avenue inn for pimping out an underage girl.

Colonie police in 2013, in fact, told the Times Union that while only nine prostitution arrests were made in 2012, that number jumped more than three-fold the next year to 29.

Noodles Loughlin, a Saratoga resident who often visits Colonie “on business,” said he thinks Testikov’s proposal deserves consideration.

“This is a plan that takes a societal problem and turns it into an economic development opportunity,” said Loughlin. “It’s win-win. It will create jobs, spur tax revenue and free police from having to spend valuable time and resources on a problem that will never go away.

“It will also keep me out of jail,” Loughlin said. “I’ve been in the paper numerous times, have lost three jobs and ended up divorced just because I’ve been known to meet up with hookers from time to time in Colonie. Do I have a problem? I dunno. But knowing I finally won’t get busted for my behavior will be a huge load off my mind.”

But Colonie Supervisor Cricket Johnson said the town is unlikely to approve Testikov’s plan.

“We have every intention of continuing to sweep our prostitution problem under the rug,” Johnson said. “Just like how no one talks about the STDs they’ve contracted while patronizing hookers, the town will remain silent about the prostitutes plying their trade here. Hookers, schmookers — no what I’m saying? My message to Diamond Jim Testikov is simple: ‘Not in my backyard, honey.’”


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