Racial Tension Brings Suburban White Couple Together

By Quack Davis

Published November 22nd, 2015

Belinda Brabb and Brady Rux holding a heart balloon.

ALBANY – She is a bleeding heart liberal who says “Black Lives Matter.”  He is a hardcore conservative who says “All Lives Matter.”

And they are in love!

Meet Brady Rux, 24,  and Belinda Brabb, 22, a tenacious twosome trading tit-for-tit — and tongues — around the Capital Region. The star-crossed lovers have made their love survive despite polar opposite upbringings.

Both were raised in in leafy white suburbia in two-parent white homes. They have similar families, school experiences and intelligence levels. Neither has any experience with the criminal justice system. Both are related to police officers. And neither has ventured through Arbor Hill more than five times.

But Brabb is petite and sassy.  She has dark hair, a raspy voice and claims to be an Occupy Albany member since 2005 — (despite the fact she would have been 12 and the group did not exist until 2011).

Rux is blonde, brawny and looks like a police officer. He says he is friends with several cops who drive large SUVs, play flag football and vote Republican.

“I guess you can you can say opposites attract,” giggled Brabb, a Colonie resident who blushed while describing Rux. "File this under #OurLoveMatters… Brady is so hot.”

“I hate Belinda'a politics,” said the chiseled Rux of Clifton Park,  “but I love her body."

The good-looking couple met last summer when Rux saw Brabb yell at a police officer to “go away!” It was at an anti-police rally.

“I said, ‘Hey officers, arrest that freaking bitch over there. The sassy one with the... with the… great eyes,’” Rux recalled.  "I kinda hated her. But I wanted to nail her at the same time.  So I asked her if she wanted to grab a nightcap. She called me a fascist but came along. We’ve been together every since.”

When the subject of police came up, tension followed.

“Blue Lives Matter, bro,” Rux said. “Damn bro, All Lives  Matter.”

“That’s racist!” hollered Brabb. “We need to shut it down. Shut. It. Down.”

But within a minute they were back in each other's arms. What’s their secret? It’s simple, says Nelson Frogcatcher, a clinical psychologist from Troy.

“Half of all suburban white people are mindless drones,” Frogcatcher said.  “They may see themselves as ‘conservative” or ‘liberal’ but they are far-too shallow to have any significant depth below the surface. I’d fully expect these two dolts to marry each other and procreate and have a lot more dum-dums. It's Love: Suburban Albany Style.”


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