‘Utopian Society’ Legislation Aims to Create ‘Classless’ Society

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published November 22nd, 2015

ALBANY –  New Yorkers would face hefty income taxes and the state’s means of production would be controlled from within the state Capitol under new legislation unveiled Thursday during a Lark Street news conference.

Far-left Assemblyman Richard Codfreed, (D-Manhattan), said his bill would create a “centrally planned economy”  that would bring raises for thousands of New Yorkers under what the lawmaker described as a “Utopian society free of class.” The proposed law would do away with school bullying, as well as other societal problems.

"This is just a super idea," Codfreed said, clad in red and speaking from inside a health food store on Lark Street. “This bill is about sharing. We have all heard the expression ‘share-share, that’s fair.’ Well, now is the time to make that rhetoric reality.”

Codfreed — whose said his bill builds off the movement to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour — explained that public and private workers of the state would all “unite” under his bill, which would phase out New York’s middle-class within five years.

Income taxes would drastically increase, Codfreed told reporters, but that would be offset by lower prices for food, gas and clothing, all of which would be sold by the state’s new “Department of Politburo.”

The bill is co-sponsored in the state Senate by Democratic Sen. Bob Khrushchev of Dove Street.

"This is common sense, win-win legislation. If you oppose this, we will bury you!" Khrushchev said.

Anthony Burger, a spokesman for the Republican-controlled Senate, said the bill would be reviewed.

  “We’re very concerned about the part of the bill that would raise taxes,” Burger said.  “Is that really what we want to do to rich New Yorkers?”


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