Mayor: Toothbrush found in Corinth

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published November 29th, 2015

CORINTH – Scientists have confirmed the discovery of a toothbrush within town limits.

It is the first toothbrush found in Corinth since 1993 -- and the first product believed to be used for oral hygiene discovered in the greater Corinth area since 1974 when a bottle of Scope mouthwash was found floating in the Hudson River filled with urine.

“It’s a really important discovery,” said Master Lewis, a professor of dentistry and teeth at Menands University.  “The glimpses we have previously seen of oral hygiene in this part of upper Saratoga County were rumors. This will be key in determining whether the people of Corinth are, in fact, finally brushing their teeth. Up until now, we weren’t sure that they even had teeth.”

The toothbrush was found entirely by accident. A German tourist, Hector Adlersflugel, was sunning himself on Corinth’s public beach last week when he felt something pointy jab his back. He turned around and found the six-inch Oral-B toothbrush, police said.

Adlersflugel, 53, put the toothbrush in his trousers and skipped over to public safety headquarters. Officials then mailed the toothbrush to Albany for examination by scientists from the state Department of Health and Department of Environmental Conversation.

Once confirmed, the toothbrush was returned to the city on Saturday, where Mayor Scoop Chicklin said it would be placed in the Corinth Museum of Natural History on Palmer Avenue, displayed next to a replica of the first douche believed to be used within the village.


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