Source: Siena, Albany Eyed for NCAA Super Conferences

By Fred Furnace

Published November 29th, 2015

ALBANY —The Siena Saints and Albany Great Danes are being actively recruited by college basketball powerhouses, the Southeastern and Atlantic Coast conferences, The Albany Smudge has learned.

"I think the ACC would be a great fit for Siena and the Danes,” said legendary Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski. “And, if I’m being honest, I would love an excuse to travel to the Capital Region in the wintertime. It’s just lovely up there!

“Plus, balancing mascots would really help our conference, from a karma standpoint,” Krzyzewski said. “Pairing ‘Saints’ and ‘Blue Devils’ just makes sense.”

Meanwhile, Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari said: “The SEC has been lacking a northeast presence for as long as I can remember."

"Adding Siena or Albany to our conference,” Calipari said, “would help fix that problem. Plus, the SEC can offer those kids way more money then they make now. So, it's a win-win for everybody.”

The NCAA super conferences are focused solely on Albany and Siena, and have “zero interest” in other small Northeast programs, such as Binghamton, Stony Brook, or Vermont, sources told The Smudge.

"Those other schools suck,” Calipari said. “It would need to be a cold day in hell before I would agree to go to a place like Binghamton. Only a moron would voluntarily visit that shit-hole.”

“Vermont is beautiful in the wintertime, that much is true,” said Coach K. “But what the hell is a Catamount? Or a Sea Wolf? Their mascots just don’t make sense to me from a karma standpoint. Nope. As far as the ACC is concerned, it’s the Capital Region or bust.”

Administrators at Siena and UAlbany dismissed the rumors, calling the reports "ridiculous" and "absurd."

"We are flattered by the rumors, but we are plenty happy in the America East Conference,” said an Albany official. “Even though the SEC has offered to pay our kids handsomely, we are planning to just stay put.”


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