Bethlehem Mom Shunned After Peanut Incident

By Scott Salad

Published December 6th, 2015

BETHLEHEM — Parents and teachers at an area elementary school have begun a systematic campaign to shame a mother of two after she accidentally violated the school's zero-tolerance policy toward peanuts and tree nuts.

The mass snubbing of Marsha Cluzzy, 37, began after teachers at The Naturally Gifted Children's Academy noticed two students eating unapproved baked goods during snack time. The school was closed for three days as Hazardous Material Response technicians from the Environmental Protection Agency scoured the facility and the academy's Parent Teacher Organization launched an investigation.

When confronted, Cluzzy confessed to sending her children to school with homemade brownies. 

“I've been shunned,” said the stay-at-home mom. “The friends I had now hate me. I'm getting dirty looks whenever I attend school events. My kids aren't getting invited to birthday parties. And all because of a few brownies that didn't have nuts in them to begin with.”

While lab tests later confirmed the snacks did not contain materials consistent with peanut- or tree nut-related allergens, school officials emphasized that unmarked edibles of any sort are strictly prohibited on school grounds.

“It's like sending your child to school with a ticking time bomb in their backpack,” said Charmin Genuflect, head of the NGCA's PTO. “I will be giving Mrs. Cluzzy the cold shoulder and I recommend that the entire PTO follows suit.”

“Marsha is about the most irresponsible person I know,” said former friend and mother of three gifted children, Candice Dice-Clay. “Since there's no law against this type of behavior, I plan to make her pay for what she did by ignoring her and then talking about her behind her back.”

Dice-Clay said she's already begun her offensive by spreading word that the color of Cluzzy's hair isn't natural; that her husband flirts with other women; that her kids aren't naturally gifted; that she doesn't wash her hands after going to the bathroom and that her family uses an average 33-percent more energy than their most efficient neighbors.

Cluzzy, meanwhile, said the situation has brought back painful memories of her own childhood.

“This feels like the time I farted in the library in fourth grade.”


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