Santa's Elves to Perform Elvis Tribute at Proctors

By Fred Furnace

Published December 20th, 2015

Photo illegally swiped from some guy posing as Matt Wade

SCHENECTADY – Proctor’s Theater has just announced that Santa’s elves will be appearing live for a one-night tribute to Elvis Presley on Wednesday, December 23.

The tribute band – known as Elves Presley – will play classic Elvis tunes with a modern Christmas twist.

In an interview with the Smudge, Papa Elf said the playlist will include: Don’t be Cruel (To a Heart That’s Yule!), Jailhouse Rock (Around the Christmas Tree), Viva Las Christmas!, Blue Suede Elf Shoes, and, of course, Blue Christmas.

"Elvis is huge in the North Pole," said Jingle Elf, who plays drums and sings backup vocals. "We love the King. When it isn't toy season, we spend most of our time either rocking out to Elvis or watching Peter Dinklage films.”

The Elves say the performance will be a great way to blow off steam before the action starts in earnest on Christmas Eve.

"I don’t think humans understand how stressful it is to be one of Santa’s elves," said Bushy Evergreen, the lead toy maker in the North Pole who also plays bass guitar. "We make over 21 billion toys and then deliver them across the globe in only one night. Think about that for a minute. The North Pole is a friggin’ pressure cooker, man.”

“Yeah, Christmas Eve is super stressful,” added Jingle Elf. “So before the shit hits the fan, we like to rock out to Elvis to get our minds right.”  

Papa Elf noted the band could think of no better venue for this year's concert than beautiful Schenectady and the historic Proctor’s Theater.

  “Proctor’s was the obvious choice,” he said. “Schenectady is just magic at Christmas time. Plus, its location is great; just a twinkle of the nose and a wiggle of the toes and – zap – we’re here.” 

Proctor’s expects the show to sellout quickly, but cautions that only people on the nice list will be allowed in to the theater.

"Yeah, we take the naughty and nice lists pretty seriously,” confirmed Jingle Elf. “Even when we are rocking out to the King.”


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