Guilderland Woman Hasn't Left Home in Weeks, Family Blames Amazon Prime

By Fred Furnace

Published December 27th, 2015

GUILDERLAND — A local mom’s Amazon Prime membership is causing her to become a recluse, according to the woman's family.

Marian Sims-Cunningham started an Amazon Prime subscription this holiday season to avoid the crowds. But her husband said she’s since become "hooked" on the two-day shipping "like some kind of crack fiend."

"Marian hasn't left the house in weeks," Dave Cunningham said. "Amazon Prime is destroying her life.”

Marian disagrees, saying that there is simply no longer any need to go outside, since Amazon can deliver everything she needs to her front door in two day or less.

"I can now take care of everything I need from the comfort of my living room," she explained. "There just isn't a compelling reason to venture outdoors any longer."

Indeed, Marian has not left her home since December 6, when she drove around for hours — in vein — looking for a parking spot near the Christmas Tree Shop in Colonie Center.

"At that point, I decided I had had enough," she recalls, noting she signed up for Amazon Prime later that night. "It was life changing.”

Marian's family members say they are concerned for her physical and mental well being.

"This isn't healthy," her husband said. "People need to go outside. They need to get sunlight. For Christ’s sake, they need to interact with other people."

"I want my mom back," wept Marian's 8-year-old son, Mikey. "Daddy thinks she is going insane. What is Amazon doing to my mommy?”

Dave Cunningham said the family’s nutrition has also been impacted.

"She only buys groceries from Amazon now," he said. "Which means only food in boxes, cans, and pouches that come through the mail. It's ridiculous."

Renown SUNY Behavioral Psychologist M. Norman Bunny said Marian may be suffering from what doctors call "Amazon Prime Reclusiveness Disorder" — or APRD.

"Sadly, this is becoming all too common," said Bunny. "Amazon Prime has made things far too easy for people. For those unable to cope, it can overwhelm their psyche. Some, like Marian, fall into an Amazon-induced trance and slowly lose their minds.”

Bunny says people with APRD do eventually leave the house, but speculated it would likely take months before Marian does so.

"It's winter in upstate New York,” he cautioned. “Even sane people don't want to go outside if they can avoid it."


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