Smudge Investigation Discovers Hidden Scofflaw Sanctuary in Colonie

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published Decemeber 27th, 2015

Sanctuary from Google Earth

COLONIE – Hundreds of criminals have apparently been living at taxpayer expense for decades — right under the nose of area law enforcement, The Albany Smudge has learned.

A two-year investigation by the Smudge has uncovered the existence of an enormous compound near Albany International Airport where 7,000-plus lawbreakers accused of various crimes eat, drink and sleep round-the-clock.

The red-and-brownish slab edifice labeled “Albany County Correctional Facility” lies on the 800 block of Albany Shaker Road surrounded by walls and steeled-fencing wire – ostensibly to keep outsiders from finding out what’s happening inside.

Albany County sheriff’s deputies claim to be fully aware of the hangout, but have done nothing to shut it down.

Apparently known simply as “the jail,” the Smudge discovered the place crawling with criminals, all clad in understated orange uniforms — as if their outfits were part of some exclusive club or gang.

Murray Gelatin, a special counsel to Colonie Town Supervisor Cricket Johnson, insisted in an interview with the Smudge that “there was nothing for citizens to be concerned about.” Albany County Sheriff Greg Mango —when contacted about the secluded property encased in barbed wire — also played it cool.

“Are you talking about the jail?” an incredulous Mango asked a Smudge reporter. “I think you’re talking about the Albany County Correctional Facility. Yeah, it's all covered in the county budget… Has been since 1931. So, what’s your question?”

But Smudge Publisher Burt Wilkerson called said “the existence of this temple of crime is nothing less than a shocking discovery.”

“It’s sickening. These are our tax dollars we’re talking about!” said Wilkerson. “People say they fear terrorists, but here right in our own backyard we have a publicly funded palace full of criminals living right under our nose. I’m outraged. This community should be outraged too. And now that the Smudge has blown the lid off this story, maybe that outage will spread as it should.”


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