Local Businesses to UAlbany Kids: “Change Out of Your Pajamas!”

By Fred Furnace

Published January 24th, 2016

Students wearing pajamas in public / State Quad — UAlbany (Photo by Matt Wade)

ALBANY — A growing number of area merchants say they’ve had it with college kids venturing out in the morning and into their businesses while still wearing their pajama bottoms, adding they will introduce a “zero tolerance” policy prohibiting PJs in their establishments.

“It’s become an epidemic,” said Nigel Jones, owner of a bagel shop on Western Avenue near the SUNY campus. Jones says his shop is "overrun" on weekends with college girls still wearing their pajama pants. 

“Ten years ago, it was maybe one or two college girls a weekend,” Jones said. “But these days, the kids just roll out of bed and head straight out for breakfast. They don’t even have the sense to change out of their damn pajamas.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty gross,” agreed Jana Smith, who owns a nearby bakery. “There is nothing charming about an unwashed college girl wearing Minnie Mouse PJs in public. It’s like they don't bother to make any effort at all.”

A recent Gallup poll found a whopping 89 percent of UAlbany co-eds ventured out for breakfast at least once last semester while wearing their pajamas. In light of the local “pajama epidemic,” a consortium of local shop owners determined a “no pajamas” policy was necessary. It will go into effect this weekend, they said.

“If the university won’t do anything about this problem, then we have no choice but to take matters into our hands,” said Jones, who estimates his bagel shop could lose 75 percent of its revenue as a result of the initiative.

Still, he said, “What’s right is right.”

“It’s bad enough we have to post signs that say: ‘No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service,’” said Deborah Martin, who operates a convenience store on Washington Avenue. “I never would have imagined we would also need to remind people to change out of their damn pajama pants. But that’s the crazy world we live in now, I guess.”


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