Duanesburg Man Ecstatic After Naming Son ‘Duane’

By Fred Furnace

Published February 7th, 2016

Baby Duane and his Father, Roger Gardenia, of Duanesburg.

DUANESBURG — A Schenectady County dad was high-fiving delivery room nurses Saturday after announcing the name of his new baby boy.

"I name this child ‘Duane,’" shouted the excited man, Roger Gardenia, of Duanesburg. "He is Duane from Duanesburg. Get it? Isn't that awesome?"

Delivery room personnel at Ellis Hospital said they had little choice but to celebrate with the beaming new dad, even though most staffers thought the man was "obviously some kind of moron."

"Naming your kid 'Duane' just so you can boast that he is 'Duane from Duanesburg’ seems asinine to me," said Judy Bailey, who helped deliver the child. "But we get all types around here. So if naming his kid 'Duane' makes this guy happy — I guess good for him."

Gardenia, a lifelong Duanesburg resident, says he came up with the clever name years ago and has been dreaming of this moment "for a really long time."

"How cool is it to be named ‘Duane’ when you live in Duanesburg?” he asked rhetorically.

"Little Duane is going to be so awesome," Gardenia continued. "All his friends will probably think Duanesburg is named after him. I bet they elect him class president and probably Prom King. And he'll get all sorts of tail when he's in high school. The sky will be the limit for this kid."

A ceremony will be held Friday to celebrate the town’s new favorite son.

"This is probably the biggest thing to hit Duanesburg since the four-way stop was installed in 2003," said town board member Rick Colissimo.

Colissimo added the board will present little Duane and his family with the “key to the town,” along with a few other baby items picked up from Price Chopper, including a two-pack of Nuks and some Sippy cups.

Duanesburg residents are invited to come meet little Duane on Friday at 11:00 a.m., outside town hall.


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