Gym Goers Annoyed By Man Who Won’t Shut Up

By Quack Davis

Published February 7th, 2016

ALBANY — A Guilderland man who walks around his gym with a water bottle and starts endless conversations with fellow members, interrupting their workouts, is pissing people off, sources said.

Michael Dork, 33, joined Albany’s Chest Fitness in November on the premise he would actually be working out. Instead, gym goers said, Dork does nothing but roam around the facility bothering people.

"He just talks and talks and talks and talks," said Rickey Obary, 44, a manager at the gym. "It’s very annoying."

When the Smudge approached Dork this week he was annoying Rocky Bruno, a bodybuilder from Delmar, whom he interrupted to talk about the Mets off-season.

"Check it out. Cespedes is back, kid!" Dork blabbed in Bruno's ear as the man was lifting dumbbells.

“It’s messed up " said the muscle man, who was wearing a Yankee cap. “I come here to work out on my chiseled chest, monster traps and a back that is just freaking out of this world. I don’t come here to talk to that jackass.”

Even Dork’s best friends say he needs to shut up — not only because he’s a nuisance, but for his own health, too.

“Michael has gained 12 pounds since he started coming here,” said Daniel Love-Bastard of Glenmont. “He needs to shut his mouth in every sense of the word.”

Dork told the Smudge he has every right to join a gym, show up daily and not work out.  

"I'm gonna keep on doing it," the chatty gym rat said. “The important thing is that I am going to the gym every day. How many people can say that? Other people are home sitting on their ass. Besides, everybody here loves me!”


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