Wynantskill Man Stunned After Trump Calls Him a Jerk

By Dodie Fingerton

Published February 14th, 2016

Donald Trump (Photo by Gage Skidmore) / Wynantskill-native, Gary Tuna, reacts to being called a
jerk by Trump. (left to right)

WYNANTSKILL— Donald Trump called a local man a jerk while campaigning in New Hampshire last week and no one is really sure why —especially the so-called jerk in question.

Gary Tuna, 43, of Plarpe Road in Wynantskill, said he's still in shock after learning the real-estate mogul turned presidential candidate isn't a big fan of his.

“I'm very confused,” said Tuna. “Why would Donald Trump think I'm a jerk? What did I do to him?”

The married father of three — who claims he keeps his politics, finances and religious beliefs to himself — was at work last Tuesday when his cell phone exploded with calls and text messages.

“I thought it was a prank,” the lighting technician told The Smudge. “Then my wife told me that my LinkedIn profile photo was on CNN and that Wolf Blitzer and a panel of political experts were trying to figure out who the hell I was.”

Tuna returned home in time to catch footage of Trump telling a cheering crowd of supporters in Londonberry, N.H., that “Gary Tuna of Wynantskill, New York, is a jerk, and no one likes him.”

Friends and neighbors of the alleged jerk, however, disagree.

“I've known him since we were kids,” said Averill Park resident Glen Stubble. “He's a great guy. He never says a bad word about nobody and he minds his own business.”

“He's a very amiable young man,” echoed Tuna’s neighbor, Dolores Shoehorn. “He shovels my driveway when it snows and he's always there to help me with my groceries. I agree with Mr. Trump on a lot of things — especially when it comes to dirty immigrants— but Gary isn't a jerk. He's a sweetheart.”

While most people interviewed for this story supported Tuna, some said that on issues of character they will continue to defer to the goofy-haired Republican front-runner.

“I thought I raised a good kid,” said Tuna's 79-year-old father, Herbert. “But if Trump thinks Gary's a jerk then he must be a jerk.”

“I agree with my husband Herb,” said Tuna's mother, Gertrude. “This country's gone to shit and if Trump thinks my son Gary had something to do with it, then guess what: My son Gary's a jerk.”

Trump's campaign did not immediately return calls seeking comment, but in a statement to The Swill, a Capitol Hill publication, Trump spokeswoman Hick Wallenger said that Trump “meant everything he said about that jerk in Wynantskill and more.”


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