Mom Files Restraining Order Against ‘Clingy’ Son

By Dodie Fingerton

Published February 21st, 2016

SARATOGA SPRINGS — A judge Friday ordered a Saratoga man to stay away from his mother after she accused him of “stalking her like a clingy toddler.”

Superior Court Judge Hans Dickunder ordered 40-year-old William Snowley to stay 100 yards away from his mother, June Snowley, and to cease all Momma's Boy-like behavior. The order of protection also requires Snowley to stay away from his mother’s Weimaraner, Chaka, and her 78-year-old boyfriend, Wally Backman of Wilton.

"This case arose out of a bizarre pattern of behavior," June Snowley's filing states. “My son William's actions include, among other things, concocting ruses to meet me while I'm running errands and visiting friends, impersonating me to gain entrance to senior-only events, and making veiled threats regarding the kidnapping and ransoming of my dog and boyfriend.”

The pair made news earlier this year after William Snowley reported a string of what he described as “coincidental run-ins” with his mom.

“It's been happening a lot lately,” the former-barista told The Smudge back in June. “I'll just be out and about, running an errand or what not, and then I'll see her. I'm like 'Hi Mom!' and then we both laugh. It's pretty sweet.”

The two bumped into each other at a number of Spa City locations, including: Northshire Bookstore, Roma Foods, Allerdice Hardware, Sunnyside Gardens, The Local Pub and Teahouse, Plaza Wine and Spirits, ISIS Times, The Whistling Kettle, Druthers Brewing Company, Max London's, Sander's Meat Market and the Chipotle in Wilton.

While the thought of seeing his mother out of context was “very exciting” to William Snowley, June Snowley said the encounters began to make her increasingly uneasy.

“It just kept happening over and over again,” she said in a recent phone interview with The Smudge. “Wherever I went, there was Bill. Finally, I realized he was deliberately following me around town. My friends told me, 'June, you need to go get a restraining order.' So I did.”

William Snowley declined to comment on the allegations, but said in an email that what his “mommy is doing is not fair!”


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