Boycott Of Area White People Awards Urged As Oscars Anger Spreads

By Pug Ransom

Published March 6th, 2016

Angry black people are demanding the right to be magicians and other
nerdy white-people things.

ALBANY — This year’s lily-white Oscar ceremony isn’t the only high-profile awards show being boycotted by African-Americans.

A backlash is spreading as well against this year’s Chauncey Awards, the annual Capital Region ceremony honoring the most-nerdy achievements in the local white community such as: Most Spectacular Overbite, Most Awkward Dance Move, Best Hiker and Biggest Coldplay Fan.

“You see, this is just another way the man is trying to keep us down: Yet again, not a single brother or sister nominated for a Chauncey award,” said Sinbad Ferguson, president of the Albany chapter of Black Geeks Matter. “Why is it assumed that no one in the black community can be as nerdy as a white guy? For Christsake, we’ve got Wayne Brady.”

Still, despite the controversy surrounding this year’s Chaunceys, the event will be hosted by Crispin Stone, a local African American comedian who performs regularly at the Comedy Works in Albany as well as the Golden Corral on Central Avenue in Colonie.

“All I know is that I’ve been told Jada Pinkett Smith ain’t coming,” said Stone through his trademark smiling shout. “But ya now what? She wasn’t invited! Jada boycotting the Chaunceys is like me boycotting Rachel Ray’s undergarments. I ain’t ever been invited there!”

  Thurston Niles Nesbitt, last year’s Chauncey award winner for Nicest Pair of Sperrys, said the criticism being leveled against this year’s ceremony is warranted.

  “I don’t think it comes from a mean-spirited place,” Nesbitt said. “But there is a general lack of awareness and total ignorance on part of the academy.

  “The Chaunceys,” Nesbitt added, “simply need to be more diverse. Change isn’t going to happen overnight. If you ramrod this, the show will be accused of patronizing. But maybe starting next year the Chaunceys can move forward a little. Like maybe the academy can nominate an Italian or something.”


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