Saratoga County Man Fondly Recalls ‘Sack’ Of Peyton Manning

By Pug Ransom

Published March 13th, 2016

ROUND LAKE — Peyton Manning — the recently retired gridiron great who’s also been the subject of allegations that he sexually harassed a female assistant athletic trainer while in college — is being remembered fondly by a Saratoga County man who claims the legendary quarterback once gave him a ‘Roman meat helmet.’

John G. Souvlaki, a former shoe salesman in Indianapolis who now lives in Round Lake, said the incident happened while Manning was shopping for loafers at Tongue & Soul in the Hoosier Factory Outlet Mall back in 2004.

“I just remember him being a great guy, a real cutup,” Souvlaki said. “I had just fitted him and he got up to walk around to see how the loafers felt on his feet. Next thing I know, there’s Peyton standing behind me with his junk resting on top of my head. It was a hoot! Good times, man. Good times.”

Souvlaki said he decided to tell his story to dispel claims that there is a dark side to Manning, whom he called “a real fun-loving joker.”

Dr. Jamie Naughright, a former assistant trainer at the University of Tennessee where Manning was a star quarterback, has claimed in legal documents that Manning in 1996 “pulled his pants down and exposed [his buttocks] to me.” She also alleged Manning placed his ass, rectum, testicles and “area in between testicles” directly on her face, making physical contact.

  The future NFL Hall of Famer has denied the charges.

“I don’t want to comment directly on the Naughright case,” Souvlaki said. “That’s none of my business. But all I’m saying is that, for me, it was an absolute honor to have that man’s junk on my head. I just remember him saying, ‘Who’s your Papa, John? Who’s your Papa, John?’ Fucking hilarious!“

When contacted Tuesday, Manning’s representatives had no comment, saying they were too busy crying over the quarterback’s decision to retire.

“This is the most monumental event in our nation’s history,” a spokesman for Manning said.

Meanwhile, Thor Tarblock, Souvlaki’s former manager at Tongue & Soul, said the alleged “meat helmet” incident at his store never happened.

“John was a strange guy and a compulsive liar,” said Tarblock. “He also claimed Reggie Miller hung a fruit basket while shopping for clogs. But that never happened, either. John, for some odd reason, was just obsessed with the genitals of Indy sports stars.”


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