Young Republican, 10, Concerned About Future of GOP

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published March 20th, 2016

Despite the trace of a smile, 10-year-old Hermie Sizemore
is not happy with fellow Republicans.

NORTH GREENBUSH -- A staunchly Republican 10-year-old from Rensselear County is worried the candidacy of Donald Trump is pitting Republican-versus-Republican and destroying the fabric of his party.

"This is the party of Reagan and Lincoln and Schwarzenegger," pint-sized Hermie Sizemore yelled at members of the Rensselaer County Republican Committee on Saturday in an emotional speech that reduced several party members to tears.  "We cannot — we will not — allow this con man to destroy those things that we hold dear." 

Sizemore — who, while standing on a stack of telephone books to see over the podium he stood behind, also demanded that ‘we send them Mexicans back to where they belong!” — was the keynote speaker at a memorial for Nancy Reagan, whom he said was a "treasure."

"Me and my fellow 5th-graders send our deepest condolences to remember this woman who inspired us all to ‘Just Say No’ and to believe our nation could be that shining city on a hill," said Sizemore, sporting a red ‘power’ tie. "Indeed, she will be missed."

Sizemore — vice-president of Young Republicans of the Capital Region, a licensed gun owner, and life-long admirer of former Nixon Vice President Spiro Agnew  — scolded Republicans, young and old, who do not share his message of smaller government, an end to same-sex marriage, a full repeal of Obama Care and no more Trump.

"First, let me say that to God be the glory. Second, my fellow Americans, let me say that we will be powerless to stop the Marxism of Clinton and Sanders if we do not band together," the young Republican said to cheers. "Donald is a fraud. This election will not be decided by his friends in the media or the Washington establishment, but by you and I and all the God-fearing members of this truly Grand Old Party."

A heckler in the crowd — Marty Applehead, 15, president of Young Democrats of Rensselaer County  — reminded Republicans that at age 10, Sizemore is far too young to vote.

"Why are you idiots listening to a 10-year-old? He's probably not old enough to stay up past 9 p.m.," Applehead said. 

Sizemore rolled his eyes and said,  "That is the sort of liberalism we must defeat! Let freedom ring!"

The crowd roared.

Applehead then fired back, "Your ass is mine in school Monday, Hermie. Your dead after school, bro!"


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