Latham Woman Finds Chicken Nugget in Shape of Jesus

By Fred Furnace

Published March 27h, 2016

Sondra Bollock's "Jesus McNugget."

LATHAM – A church-going mother of two believes she experienced “divine intervention” on Saturday at the Latham Farms’ McDonald’s.

Sondra Bollock of Glenwood Drive in Latham says she was picking up a quick lunch for her two boys when she noticed something remarkable about a chicken nugget her toddler, Clayton, was about to stick in his mouth.

“I believed there was something magical about that McNugget,” Bollock said. “So I grabbed it out of little Clay’s hands to take a closer look.”

Bollock says what happened next stopped her cold in her tracks.

“When I looked at it more closely, I realized it was no ordinary McNugget,” she said. “It was our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.”

After the initial shock wore off, Bollock said she did what came naturally for a suburban mother of two: she immediately posted photos of the miracle McNugget to her Facebook page.

“I uploaded a few pictures of the Jesus nugget to my Facebook account, so I could share this miracle with my closest friends, acquaintances, and the other random people I have Facebook befriended over the years,” she said. “The response has been overwhelming.”

Remarkably, this is not Bollock’s first brush with divinity-shaped food. She claims to have once eaten a Lay’s potato chip that was in the shape of the Virgin Mary, and had an order of “gravy fries” from a local diner that strongly resembled the Shroud of Turin.

“The Lord works in mysterious ways,” she concluded. “I guess in my case, he speaks through fried foods.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson acknowledged that “sometimes our Chicken McNuggets can look like stuff,” but said he “doubted” the nugget was actually Jesus Christ.

“We make every effort to ensure that our McNuggets are made from chicken,” he said. “I seriously doubt the Son of God made his way into our manufacturing equipment. But we are looking into the matter."

The Vatican declined comment on the incident, saying only "we can’t possibly comment every time some nut job thinks their food looks like Jesus.”

As for the fate of the “Miracle McNugget,” Bollock said she eventually allowed little Clayton to eat it.

“Clay was whining that he wanted his nugget back,” she said. “I wasn't sure what to do – seeing as how this may have been a miracle – but I eventually let him have it back.”

Whereupon the toddler dunked the Jesus nugget in ketchup and shoved it into his mouth.


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