Local Women To Hit The Bars Now That Ex-Lawmaker Scavo Is Behind Them

By Quack Davis

Published March 27th, 2016

ALBANY –  Bar owners throughout the city are bracing for a surge in female business now that former Albany County Legislator Brian Scavo is serving a six-month jail sentence and can’t hit on women.

“This is gonna be a windfall!” said Monte Hall, an excited bartender at McSheary’s Irish Pub in Menands.  “Women can finally leave their homes without being asked out by this skeevy guy. Er, I mean Scavo guy. Does it matter? He's in jail.”

Scavo, D-Creepy, served In the Albany County Legislature from 2008 to 2011 representing the Delaware Avenue area. But, he is perhaps better known as “that weird guy who keeps getting arrested and hitting on women in bars,” according to local women.

“I haven’t been out since 1995,” said Agnes Skewl.  “But now I’m gonna hit the bars and so are all my friends. No more Scavo for a few months. Woo hoo!”

Scavo, who has an unrelated arrest for allegedly stalking a woman at Crossgates Mall, made news of late when he reportedly wanted to learn the personal information of a female jail guard at the Albany County jail, where he is serving a six-month sentence for a check scheme. At Scavo’s sentencing, his own attorney referred to him as “wacky.”

Contacted by the Smudge, Scavo said: “I’m so sorry. I’m just an unbelievably friendly guy.  People take it the wrong way. Oh jeez. So do you have a sister or what? Your wife got friends? Talk to me.”

Sheriff's deputies are investigating why Scavo is 62 but appears to look 40.


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