TSA Agent 'OK' After Being Exposed To Menands Man's Sneaker

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published April 4th, 2016

ALBANY – A Transportation Security Administration agent was recuperating Saturday after inhaling noxious fumes emanating from the footwear of an airline passenger from Menands, officials said.

Agent Dan Condor, 57, of Wynantskill, was “overcome by foul odors discharged by the fusty smell of a sneaker and sock belonging to an individual from Menands," said Albany International spokesman Dale Sherbert.

The agent was treated at Albany Medical Center and released. A Hazmat unit cleared the airport, where officials delayed flights for roughly an hour.

"This happens more than you think with passengers from Menands," the spokesman said.  "We have come to expect it unfortunately. We call it 'Menands Mold.' This time, thankfully, it worked out OK for everyone."

The spokesman said Condor, as part of his regular duties, instructed passenger Travis Gunkbutter, 35, of Menands, to remove all metal objects from his person and to take off his sneakers before walking through a metal detector.

Gunkbutter obliged. But when the passenger took the sneaker off his right foot, the air was suddenly filled with an aroma that TSA investigators likened to a three-day-old rotten egg.

“Agent Condor subsequently dropped to the floor,” the spokesman said.  “We had a scare but we were able to revive him. He’s a real hero.”

“I don’t understand what the heck the big deal is,” Gunkbutter told the Albany Smudge. “It’s not like my sneakers were that bad. This TSA agent is a real drama queen if you ask me.”

Gunkbutter, who was not charged, was permitted to fly to Cleveland, where he and his brother, Franz, were to attend a Star Trek convention and use a hotel pool.

Meanwhile, officials said Menands passengers will still be permitted to use the airport but may be subjected to special screening.


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