Area Homes Littered with Half-Eaten Chocolate Bunny Carcasses

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published April 10th, 2016

ALBANY – Capital Region homes from Albany’s Center Square to Saratoga Springs are reportedly strewn with the gnawed remains of chocolate bunny rabbits.

The leftover Easter treats are turning up in kitchen cabinets, underneath couches and even bathrooms, where children and adults are said to nibbling on the chocolate carcasses regardless of their weathered states.

“It’s disgusting,” said Martha Quint of Troy, holding a mauled chocolate bunny in her hand. “But it’s oh-so-delicious.”

Benjamin Bird of Ballston Spa said he left his chocolate bunny in a seat cushion under his recliner, where it has since become hairy.

“You say hair. I say H-A-R-E!” Bird said. “I take a few bites in the morning, a few gnaws in the afternoon and maybe one or two nibbles at night. There’s a lot of rabbit there to eat. Yum!”

Michael Anthony, an Easter candy expert at the Rensselaer Confectionery Institute in Galway, said the standard chocolate Easter bunny has historically been the final bit of Easter candy to be consumed.

“Peter Cottontail. He’s your closer. He goes last — the way it’s always been,” said Anthony. “And truthfully, I think that says a lot about us as a society.”

State Department of Health spokesman Mitch Yahtzee said while eating old chocolate rabbits is not necessarily harmful, officials are concerned the ongoing consumption could exacerbate the area’s obesity rate.

“People need to finish off their damn rabbits and get outside,” Yahtzee said. “My God, fatsoes. Easter is over.”


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