Spa City Momma's Boy Violates Restraining Order by 'Liking' Mom's Facebook Posts

By Dodie Fingerton

Published April 17th, 2016

SARATOGA SPRINGS — The case of the Saratoga Springs Momma's Boy took another odd turn Friday after he was arrested for violating a restraining order.

William Snowley, 40, was charged with contempt of court after he "liked" 37 Facebook photos posted by his mother, whom he has allegedly been harassing for the past year.

Saratoga County Judge Burl “Gopher” Smith granted an order of protection Feb. 12 to June Snowley, after the 72-year-old told police she believed her son was following her around town.

“My son William's actions include, among other things, concocting ruses to meet me while I'm running errands and visiting friends, impersonating me to gain entrance to senior-only events, and making veiled threats regarding the kidnapping and ransoming of my dog and boyfriend,” the filing states.

On Monday, Saratoga police alleged William Snowley violated the no-contact order when he decided to communicate with his mom via the popular social media site.

“My mom went to Foxwood Casino with her seniors’ group,” William Snowley told The Smudge. “I just wanted her to know that despite the restraining order, I still love and support her.”

Snowley said he wasn't aware that “liking” his Mom's Facebook photos was considered ‘contact’ under terms of the court order.

“I've done my part,” said Snowley. “I've stayed 500-feet away from her at all times, and I've completely stopped following her to the market and threatening her boyfriend and dog. I don't know what more she wants from me.”

Among the group of Foxwood shots that Snowley approved of were ones of Mother June playing the slots, eating at a giant buffet and posing with someone who looks a lot like Cedric the Entertainer.

Judge Smith set a hearing for May 9 to extend the restraining order.

Snowley, in the meantime, was released from jail on his own recognizance, after promising police he will “cut it out already.”


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