Ted Cruz’s Mom: ‘Even I Don’t Really Like Him’

By Fred Furnace

Published April 17th, 2016

Photo by Gage Skidmore

ALBANY — Sen. Ted Cruz continues to look for supporters in advance of New York’s April 19 primary, but one person not falling in his camp is the presidential candidate’s own mom.

“He’s an insufferable little shit,” said Eleanor Darragh Wilson, the Texas Republican’s mother.

Wilson, a resident of Houston, says she has been “really trying” to like her son, but added “he just makes it so hard because he’s such an asshole.”

“When Ted was a boy, he needed constant attention and cried every time he didn’t get his way,” she said. “He never learned to play nice with the other kids.”

“As an adult, he’s pretty much exactly the same,” Wilson added. “I know I shouldn’t admit this, but even I don’t really like him.”

Cruz — the Canadian-born son of a Cuban immigrant who somehow seems to hate foreigners — is well known for being the least-liked member of the U. S. Senate, and experts say his reputation as “a giant dick” seems to be impacting his popularity among voters.

  “If he was just a little likable — even a tiny bit — he would be doing much better in the polls,” said Theodore Bear, professor of Government Affairs at University at Albany.

Pointing to Cruz’s 35-point deficit to frontrunner and fellow blow-hard, Donald Trump, Bear added: “Unfortunately for Cruz, he’s just a real dick.”

Count Cruz’s “mum” — as mothers are often referred to in Canada — among those not enamored with the candidate’s charisma.

“I mean, Ted is my son and I guess I’m supposed to love him,” Wilson said. “But for heaven's sake, he sure doesn’t make it easy.”


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