Old Men: ‘We Don’t Like These Fancy New Price Choppers’

By Fred Furnace

Published May 15th, 2016

SCHENECTADY – A growing chorus of cranky old men are speaking out about Price Chopper’s new redesigned formats — and they don’t like them one bit.

“These stores are too damn big and fancy,” moaned 69-year-old Gabe McHunter of Clifton Park. “They spent all that time and money re-doing the Clifton Park store and now I can’t find a goddamn thing.”

McHunter is not alone, as many of his old-man friends do not like the company's new format, either.

“I don’t like all this change,” griped 73-year-old Morgan Forpal of Halfmoon. “I want them to bring back the old store. Hell, I’d like them to bring back the old Grand Unions and P&Cs while they’re at it. That’s when America was great.”

“The old, smaller stores were much better,” agreed 72-year-old Fillard Cork of Malta. “Not like these damn museums they have today, for Christ’s sake. I don’t need to see some damn Chinaman making sushi like I’m at the goddamn circus.”

“What the hell is a ‘Market Bistro,’ anyhow?” asked 67-year-old Myron Cope  of Latham. “No, no, I don’t like this one bit."

The Clifton Park chapter of the Knights of Columbus has organized a petition asking Price Chopper to “make its stores normal again.” McHunter says they have collected eight signatures so far, but expects that number to grow to “north of 20” after Saturday night’s spaghetti supper.

A spokesman for the Golub Corporation said the Market 32 and Market Bistro formats are doing well, and that the company has “no intention of repositioning the chain to be small and cruddy, as several of these old men seem to be demanding.”


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