Smudge Apologizes For Using 'Normal Looking' Trump Picture

By Fred Furnace

Published May 22nd, 2016

Photo by Gage Skidmore

ALBANY- The region’s leader in fake news issued an apology today, after a junior editor mistakenly used a “normal looking” photo of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the Saturday edition instead of a standard photo that makes Trump look like a raging madman.

“The Smudge ran a photo of Donald Trump on Saturday looking completely normal. He was smiling, his hair was neat, and he did not look in the least bit crazy,” the apology stated. “It was a mistake by one of our junior editors, and that editor has now been terminated. We assure our readers this sort of conduct is not condoned at the Smudge, and it will not happen again.”

“I threw up a little in my mouth when I realized we ran a normal photo of Trump,” Smudge Senior Editor Burt Wilkersonn said. “That kind of mistake can ends careers in this business.”

Wilkersonn explained there is a “gentlemen’s understanding” between all the major news outlets to only use photos showing the candidate looking like a “crazy person.” As such, the Smudge and other media sources only run photos of Trump where he is grimacing, growling, sneering, yelling, or awkwardly puckering his lips. And, all photos must over-emphasize the fact that his hair is “a complete mess.”

Ted Thompson, a spokesperson for rival news agency The Schenectady Stain, said his organization was “disappointed” in the Smudge’s careless Trump reporting.

“It is the media’s job to direct public opinion, especially in a presidential election year,” Thompson stated. “And using pictures is a cheap and easy way to do that.”

"If the Smudge wants to show a picture of President Obama smiling, or Hillary Clinton looking into the distance contemplatively, that would be fine," he noted. "But we can't do any of that with Trump."

“That is why the Smudge’s reporting was so reckless,” he added. “They should have, at the very least, photo-shopped his hair to make it look ridiculous. That is what we would have done.”

“Look, we made a mistake with the normal Trump photo,” Wilkersonn acknowledged. “What else can I say? We screwed up and it won’t happen again.”


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