Local Man ‘Butt Mortgages’ Waterford Home

By Fred Furnace

Published May 29th, 2016

WATERFORD —Quicken Loans’ ‘Rocket Mortgage’ claimed another victim yesterday when a Waterford man accidentally took out a $300,000 mortgage with his ass for a home he had no intention of purchasing.

Ralph Morrow of Davis Avenue in Waterford says he was driving home from his job at Family Dollar in Lansingburgh when his butt accidentally launched the controversial app he downloaded to his phone.

His butt then proceeded to take out a mortgage on a charming Victorian-style home on Broad Street.

“I downloaded that stupid ‘Rocket Mortgage’ app just to see what the fuss was about,” Morrow explained. “My phone was in my pocket as I was driving home, and I guess I butt-mortgaged by accident. Gee whiz, now I have a mortgage for a home I didn’t even want to buy.”

“I can’t afford this,” the distraught Morrow said. “How is this even legal?”

A Quicken Loans spokesperson acknowledged Morrow’s situation, but said the company does not plan to issue Morrow a refund or take any sort of corrective action with regard to the app’s functionality.

“The whole point of the Rocket Mortgage app is to allow people to carelessly purchase real estate with the touch of a button,” the spokesperson said. “If this shows anything, it’s that the product is working exactly as we intended. So, there is nothing for us to fix.”


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