Ravena Family Proudly Displays Fisher Price Toy Collection In Yard

By Leslie Carp

Published June 12th, 2016

RAVENA — A family's decision to display their entire collection of plastic Fisher Price toys, vehicles and play structures in the front yard of their Parkwood Drive home has attracted significant attention from out-of-town admirers.

Vincenzo and Toni DiNapoli of 55 Parkwood Drive haven’t counted in the past week or two, but estimate there are over 250 pieces in their Fisher Price collection. From vintage Buzzy Bees and Little People toys to bright red slides and a bouncy baby seat iPad holder, the DiNapolis’ inventory ranges in condition from “unrecognizably poor” to “factory/mint.”

Toni routinely finds new toys on Craigslist and at garage sales, and admits she has difficulty resisting the siren song of dumpsters behind preschools and the pediatric wing at Albany Medical Center.

“I don’t have a problem,” she laughed, nursing a jug of Carlo Rossi.

Scores of people flocked into the Village of Ravena from modest towns as far away as West Berne and Corinth to gawk at the rows of plastic trucks, slides, and toilet training devices strewn across the lot. Some even found patriotic inspiration in the DiNapolis’ dedication to their hobby.

“It’s nice to see a family who actually provides for their children,” said Bubba Berger, a dad and NASCAR enthusiast from Grafton. “I’m sick of hearing about minimalist living and other liberal hippy bullshit. I salute the DiNapolis. I can tell they have real family values.”

Others showed up merely for the spectacle. Among them was Jake Herron, Upstate Hipster’s “Awesomeness Recognition Award” winner, alongside nine of his hipster friends, who brought Holga and vintage Polaroid cameras to document their excursion.

Vincenzo DiNapoli insists the family’s decision to relocate its toy collection from inside their home to the front yard had nothing to do with an anonymous call received from someone threatening to contact Child Protective Services after the six DiNapoli children stopped going to school because both doorways were obstructed by a dozen Power Wheels Lil F-150 trucks.

“I just wanted to 'Git-R-Done,' so to speak, and show off a little,” Vincenzo said.

To keep the buzz going throughout the summer, Toni said she might plug in the Christmas lights that have not been taken down since 2005, adding she’s hopeful all the visitor traffic will finally motivate her husband to do something about the 50-odd rusty hubcaps he keeps in the side yard. 


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