Scores of Hipsters Miss Mumford & Sons Show Due to Fixed-Gear Bicycles

By Dodie Fingerton

Published June 19th, 2016

Photo by Andrea Sartorati

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Rawley Cannon was frantically pedaling his Sturmey-Archer single-speed bicycle through Glens Falls Wednesday evening when the realization he had missed yet another Mumford & Sons show finally sank in.

“I'm not going to make, am I?” asked the sweaty 22-year-old vegan in between desperate gasps for air. “I feel like I'm going to cry.”

Cannon was not alone.

Thousands of hipsters on fixed-gear bicycles were spotted weaving in and out of traffic between Plattsburg and Queensbury around the same time the popular British-Americana folk act was taking the stage in Saratoga.

“These bicycles are totally authentic,” said 26-year-old Carla Wallenger, as she coasted to a stop outside Minerva. “But they're not great in terms of getting from point A to point B in a timely fashion.”

The urban beekeeper and self-described “social justice warrior” from Willamsburg also had tickets to the sold-out show, but due to the speed of her Thruster Fixie, she too was unable to get to the venue on time.

“We shun mainstream societal conventions,” Wallenger said from behind her over-sized horned rim glasses and asymmetrical bangs. “We knit, enjoy DIY bookbinding and prefer inefficient, old-timey modes of transportation. So yeah, we're usually late to things.”


Wallenger and Cannon — along with some 3,500 other “effortlessly cool” two-wheeling Mumford-lovers — were traveling from Canada, where, in similar fashion, they missed shows in Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec City.

“It's so frustrating,” said Cannon. “I was so close this time.”

Meanwhile, fans who drove to the show in cars were blown away by Mumford & Sons performance, noting the general attitude and energy of the crowd was “pretty chill.”

“It was a great show,” said Chris Smock of Guilderland. “The band absolutely killed it and the crowd, though thinner than I expected, was surprisingly unaffected. I wonder why?”

Miriam Bonsey of Chatham realized it immediately.

“Where were all the so-called free-thinking urban bohemians in their vintage thrift store-inspired clothing?” she wondered. “I'm not asking because I missed any of them, I'm just curious.”

As for the slow-moving, fashion-forward cabal she was referring to, it was last seen heading south near Poughkeepsie on Friday, desperately trying to get to Mumford & Sons show in Dover, Del., which by then had happened the night before.


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