Mechanicville Man Warned to Stop Talking About Soccer at Work

By Dodie Fingerton

Published June 26th, 2016

Photo by Agência Brasil

CLIFTON PARK — A 49-year-old Mechanicville man who was caught talking about the Copa America Centenario Soccer Tournament at work last week has been given an official written warning by his employer.

Scott Snappy, a distribution specialist at Brisco Foods in Clifton Park, was cited for “violating the company's policy toward chatting about sports that no one cares about.”

“It's a pretty strict policy,” said Snappy's manager, Cliff Loops. “If an employee is caught talking to another employee about a weird sport like soccer on company time, they're given a verbal warning. Three written warnings follow, and then, well, they can be terminated.”

Loops said that Snappy's verbal warning occurred May 3, the day after Leicester City won the English Premier League.

“He just kept going on and on about how amazing it was that a team could come out of nowhere and finish at the top of the league,” said Loops. “I said, ‘Scott, no one cares. No one. So just stop it.’”

Snappy received his first written warning Wednesday — the day after Argentina beat the United States 4-0 in the COPA — when he was overheard in the company's third floor break room raving to a completely disinterested customer service representative about some guy named Lionel Messi's “insane free-kick goal.”

“Two more and he's gone,” said Loops. “Too bad too, because he's a pretty darn good worker when he's not boring people with his useless soccer chatter.”

Loops confirmed that the company's policy is not exclusive to the sport more commonly known as football, and includes “pretty much any game that sad, pathetic people with nothing to do, elitists and immigrants tend to follow.”

“Cricket, rugby, cycling, polo, squash, Cornish hurling, worm charming, the Finnish sport of wife carrying: You name it,” said Loops. “In fact, we fired a guy last year who couldn't stop talking about cheese rolling. That's where a person rolls a wheel of Gloucester cheese down a hill and then races after it. I guess they can get going pretty fast. Like 125 mph! Last year one went off course and injured a spectator. How about that?”

Plant Manager Kent Phlem, intervened at that point, issuing Loops his first written warning.

“You've been spoken to about your cheese rolling talk, Cliff,” said Phlem. “Enough already.”

Snappy, meanwhile, could not be reached for comment.


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