Slingerlands Man Lets Every Area Burglar Know He’s on Vacation

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published August 7th, 2016

BETHLEHEM – Nearly 100 convicted home invaders along the Eastern seaboard rejoiced this week upon hearing the news on Facebook that affluent doctor Jason Spones flew to Europe for a weeklong summer vacation.

“Hey folks. I will be away in Ibiza, so make sure to keep a close watch on my awesomely huge doctor house and expensive possessions. Hate to get ‘robbed’ and stuff.  LOL!” Spones wrote on Facebook.

He even “checked-in” from Albany International Airport.

“In all seriousness, guys,” the 52-year-old urologist wrote. “I am going to be in Ibiza getting shitfaced, and hopefully getting some nookie from the babes. Try to watch my house. I left the backdoor open, as not to let the place get too stuffy and disassembled the security alarm. Hey, I won’t be there to shut it off, so what’s the point, right? Counting on you people! LOL!”

Randy Schools, a convicted home invader from Maryland, posted on Facebook that he plans to burglarize Spones’ house next week.

“Anybody interested in helping me rob a rich doctor? He’s in Spain so I figure it’s a great time to burglarize his house. Message me if you’re interested,” he wrote. 

Schools also created a private group on Facebook titled, “Convicted Burglars Interested in Robbing the Home of Dr. Jason Spones. (No Cops Allowed) LOL!”

State Police Capt. Trevor Gyle told The Albany Smudge homeowners such as Spones unwittingly invite trouble when they post their whereabouts on social media. He added the fact that 97 burglars “liked” the post by Spones is not surprising.

“Any burglar worth his mask is on Facebook ‘friending’ rich folks such as this idiot Spones,” Gyle said. “They will rob this fool blind and we will have to investigate it. Forget the burglars. We should be charging Spones with stupidity.”


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