Albany Man Named ‘Most Annoying’ By Colleagues

By Fred Furnace

Published August 14th, 2016

From Niles Bunch's LinkedIn page.

ALBANY — A Department of State employee has been recognized by his colleagues as the “World’s Most Annoying Co-Worker.”

Niles Bunch of Ballston Spa received the recognition Friday from his colleagues, who presented the 47-year-old with a novelty mug from Spencer Gifts.

Co-workers said Bunch is “pretty annoying,” and has “lots of little habits that just bother the heck out of everyone.”

For instance, Bunch “looks for every opportunity to correct you as to whether something is a fruit or a vegetable,” one co-worker said. Another noted that Bunch constantly licks his fingers while serving himself food at office parties, which the co-worker called “totally gross.” Bunch also “never covers his food when he uses the office microwave,” and “just helps himself to other people’s salad dressings and soft drinks” in the break-room fridge. 

Bunch regularly claims to be suffering from “a bad case of the Mondays,” forces his co-workers to acknowledge “hump day,” and actually says “TGIF” on Fridays. He is also always stretching-out his arms to over-exaggerate his yawns, makes loud “aaahhhhhhhhhhhh” noises after sipping beverages, and spends excessive amounts of time flossing and brushing his teeth in the men’s room, even when others are in there trying to go Number Two. 

He also “farts a lot” in his cubicle, and “is always trying to give high-fives,” said his colleagues.  

“I don’t know how to describe it; it isn’t really anything major, it’s just a lot of little things,” said one of Bunch’s co-workers. “But when you add them all up, and experience them day-after-day-after-day, he just annoys the living shit out of you. That’s why the mug we found at Spencer’s is so perfect.”

Bunch responded to the recognition by sending an office-wide email reading:  "THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!  OMG!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!! LOL!!!!!”

“Yeah, that’s another thing," the co-worker added. "He’s big on using all ‘caps' in emails, and loves finishing sentences with five or six exclamation points. The guy is just a total tool."


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