Albany Man Shamed After Photo Shows Him at ‘Soft-Rock’ Show

By Fenwick Jolsen

Published August 21st, 2016

Besides being "seen" in a Times Union feature, Dre “Gritty Bastard”
Broadus was spotted crowd-surfing at SPAC on monday night.

ALBANY — A city man has been shunned by friends and family after his photo appeared in a local newspaper showing him at SPAC attending a recent Counting Crows/Rob Thomas concert.

Not a single friend of 24-year-old Dre “Gritty Bastard” Broadus has called, texted, or contacted him via social media since his photo appeared Aug. 16 online in the Times Union’s “Seen” feature, which regularly runs photos of smiling people attending concerts and other events.

“Dre is a good guy, but this completely blows his street-cred,” said Broadus’s friend, Skeeter Balzac. “I just don’t see him recovering from this.”

Glenn Danzig, who has known Broadus since the second grade, agreed.

“Rob Thomas makes Maroon 5 look like Black Sabbath,” Danzig said. “I dunno, man; you think you know a guy, and then he goes and does something like this.”

Meanwhile, Broadus’s mother, Afeni Shakur, said she was struggling with her son’s decision to attend the show.

“I raised Dre to be a strong man, a good man, a proud man,” Shakur said. “Ultimately, I will stand by him. He’s my son. But, I am going to need some time and it’s best I don’t see him right now.”

Broadus called his attendance at the adult-contemporary rock show “a simple mistake.”

“I bought tickets to see Wiz Khalifa at SPAC and got the dates mixed up,” Broadus said. “Next thing I know, I turn around and a camera flash goes off. I was just as shocked as everyone else. I don’t like no damn soft rock.”

Balzac, though, isn’t buying it.

“He is smiling and has his arm around his girlfriend in the photo. Plus, he’s wearing a Rob Thomas T-shirt, for Christ’s sake,” said Balzac. “You know, last year, he wore a seersucker suit and a bow-tie to the track. I thought that was kind of fruity, but I gave him a pass. My bad. I should have known then something wasn’t right with that guy.”


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