Colonie Man Recognizes Latham Man in Cape Cod

By Curtis Riboflavin

Published September 4h, 2016

Lonnie Roenicke (left) poses with fellow Capital-Regioner Gus Twix (right), while vacationing
in Cape Cod last week.

ORLEANS, Mass. — Lonnie Roenicke could not believe his eyes.

The 45-year-old state worker from Colonie was vacationing on Cape Cod when, during a brief stop, he recognized a man who looked strikingly similar to a person he sees every day in the Empire State Plaza.

“Hey, I think I know that guy,” Roenicke told his wife, Nola, as the happy couple shopped for paper plates and napkins in a Stop & Shop in Orleans. “Yeah, he looks familiar.”

“Are you sure, sweetie?” Nola, 40, asked her husband. 

  “Yeah babe. I am pretty sure I know that dude,” Lonnie replied. “He’s definitely an Albany guy.”

The man — Gus Twix, 39, of Latham, who works at the state Department of Health and is a frequent walker in the Empire State Plaza concourse — was vacationing in Yarmouth with his 34-year-old wife, Trudi, and their mischievous sons, Bart, 7 and Trevor, 4.

Lonnie broke the ice and introduced himself. Laughs, jokes about the plaza and a handshake ensued. 

And a friendship was born.

“I KNEW he looked familiar,” said Lonnie, a licensed measurer for the state Office of General Services. “I just walked up to him and asked, ‘Hey bro, you from Albany?’ He just stood there and stared for a second and then said, ‘Yes. As a matter of fact I am. Are you Lonnie?’ I was blown away because I didn’t know he knew my name. We both just started laughing.”

Twix, reached by phone, said it was “really cool” meeting a friendly face from Albany.

“Lonnie is just an awesome person. He and his wife Nola are wonderful people," Twix said. "Lonnie is a Yankee fan and I’m a Yankee fan and so that’s pretty cool. How often do two guys from the Capital Region meet in Cape Cod in the first place, let alone both work for the state and love the same team? Just goes to show you, it really is a small world after all.”


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