Thief Caught After ‘Leaving Gun, Taking Cannoli’

By Fred Furnace

Published September 4h, 2016

TROY – A would-be bakery thief was nabbed by police after his fingerprints were pulled from a handgun left at the scene.

Clink Muckenmiller of 4th Street in Troy was arrested Saturday at his girlfriend's apartment on Broadway. He admitted the couple had been "smoking a ton of weed and watching The Godfather on cable” prior to the robbery.

"The weed gave us the munchies," the 27-year-old said. "And watching The Godfather gave us the idea for the heist."

The pair decided to steal confections from a nearby bakery. Muckenmiller said the robbery was going “just fine” until his girlfriend quoted a famous line from the film — referring, of course, to the scene when Peter Clemenza orchestrates the whacking of Paulie, and then instructs his cohort to “leave the gun; take the cannoli.”

"She thought it would be boss to say the same thing as that fat Clemenza in the movie," he said. "I guess it was the weed, but it made me laugh my ass off. So, I did it. I left the gun behind and took the cannoli."

Muckenmiller’s fingerprints were recovered from the small .22-caliber handgun he left at the scene. As a result, he now faces a felony weapons charge, in addition to what would otherwise have been a simple misdemeanor burglary offense.

Police estimate the pair stole around $24 worth of baked goods, mostly consisting of a cannoli and a few chocolate-dipped almond horn cookies. The bakery was closed at the time of the robbery and no one was injured.

"This did not go as planned," Muckenmiller said. ""If there is a lesson here, it is that you can't trust old movies to help you plan a robbery when you’re stoned. I know that now."


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