For Real: ‘Perfect’ Non-Disgusting Area Couple Met on Tinder

By Leslie Carp

Published September 11th, 2016

A screenshot from Tinder, a popular swiping app used to sniff out potential
sex partners.

SCHENECTADY — Despite concrete evidence they found each other using the dating app Tinder, acquaintances of a highly educated, drug and disease-free local couple insist they could not have possibly met there.

George L'Orge, a graphic designer who plays the mandolin, swiped right when viewing mathematics professor and trail runner Adaeze Ikeji's Tinder profile.

After exchanging a few messages, they agreed to meet in person and went on a date at a local pumpkin patch. Since that was successful, they scheduled subsequent dates and exchanged thoughtful gifts and homemade baked goods to show interest and appreciation for one another.

This year, they will celebrate their first anniversary as a couple.

“George and Adaeze are perfect. Both of them are literate, athletic, and really nice to animals and old people. It gives me hope for the future,” said Bird Turgler, a single friend of the suspiciously non-disgusting couple.

Tinder, a location-based social search app, allows users to view photos of nearby potential matches and swipe right if they are interested. Critics of the app say it reduces the dating experience to selecting a piece of meat out of a vending machine. 

"I tend to only use Tinder when I'm hopped up on Adderall and have 35 windows of porn open on my laptop," admits Sturgeon Epididymis, a software engineer at Troy’s Tech Valley Center of Gravity. "I swipe right on everyone but I won't meet someone IRL unless they're DTF and send nudes."

"Everyone knows you only use Tinder for one thing. All my students who use Tinder are disease-ridden harlots and perverts," scoffed Laurent Saint-Paul, a colleague of Ikeji's at Union College. "I would know; I’ve had sex with almost all of them.”

L'Orge and Ikeji did not discuss their sexual preferences and fetishes prior to meeting in person, instead opting to break the ice discussing sexually neutral topics such as badgers, the Great British Baking Show, and half marathon goal times.

"I think it’s a little gross to have the sex talk right away,” said L’Orge. “There’s more to dating than just sex. Like baking each other cupcakes. I would never sleep with someone who baked mediocre cupcakes.”


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