Niskayuna “Wino Mom” Jailed for Getting Too Drunk at Target

By Leslie Carp

Published October 23rd, 2016

Target is a popular destination for suburban mothers to enjoy a peaceful respite from their noisy brood.

NISKAYUNA — A mother of three has been charged with public drunkenness after being caught at Target in a wine-soaked state of undress and performing a lewd gesture on a breadstick.

Dasha Day, 37, describes herself on social media as a “wifey and proud momma,” and is a member of the Rosendale Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization. She was arrested following complaints of a topless drunk woman simulating oral sex on a breadstick at the Niskayuna Target’s Pizza Hut Express.

“Complain? I’m not complaining! It’s not every day you get to see a rich white lady acting like a porn star at work!” said Myanmar Jones, a Target cart attendant. “I didn’t even know you could fit that much breadstick in your mouth. Oo-wee!”

Day’s arrest came as a shock to the general public, but the news was less surprising to her closest friends and PTO associates, who know how much she likes to get blackout wine drunk and go partying in Saratoga.

“I stopped letting my daughter play with Dasha’s kids after she came home drunk once,” said an anonymous member of the Rosendale PTO. “I’m not perfect. I drink to cope with the dreadful chore that is raising children. I get the shakes and need a drink first thing in the morning, I admit it. But Dasha really needs help. She’s out of control.”

The line between “mommy loves her wine” and “mommy is a wino who probably has cirrhosis of the liver” can be a blurry one — especially if you’re a couple glasses of wine deep — so The Smudge consulted a few experts in the field.

“Your average suburban mom is only a borderline alcoholic,” explained Dr. Bu Yao, a psychiatrist who specializes in paraphilias and child psychology. “When she talks about indulging in a seventh glass of wine on a school night, people still laugh and tell her a wine glass is ‘mommy’s sippy cup.’”

Her colleague, clinical psychologist Hans Hao, added: “A problem drinker, on the other hand, would probably not admit to having seven glasses of wine in a sitting, at all.”


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